No Cost Advisory

CloudGenera offers IT teams the opportunity to model
workloads in the cloud for a defined period of time with
all costs defrayed thanks to our partner, Intel.


30 day analysis on 3-5 mutually agreed to use cases. CloudGenera will walk you through scoping the use cases that will deliver the most value for the 30-day engagement period. 

Solution delivered as a managed service so your team can stay focused on their jobs, followed by an executive summary to your stakeholders with the specific recommendations.

* Current requirements for your use cases are located in FAQs. 

Remote Analysis

CloudGenera will come in remotely, analyze up to
5 application environments and make business
and technical recommendations to save you time,
reduce your spend, and lower your risk.

real value

At the end of this engagement you will be able to visualize at least $1M in savings through discovered opportunities to rationalize your applications and accelerate digital transformation.

Minimal time

Unlike manual labor intensive processes run by most business consultants, our software helps you visualize opportunities to optimize your technology spend and maximize the value you receive out of your technology investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

For you to qualify we need to make sure we can affect the total cost of ownership (TOC) equal to, or greater than $5M.

We will need minimal time, with a hand full of subject matter experts that know your apps and how they’re run (technology, service level, suppliers etc.). This is proven process that works in the remote working environment. 

  • For public cloud analysis, you will need to provide copies of invoices for the last 3 months of cloud usage.  If available, you will also share application to cloud service mapping (i.e tagging in some providers).
  • For data center analysis, you will need to provide an inventory of application/infrastructure configuration data (hardware, software, etc.). If available, share costs associated with application(s)/infrastructure in scope.

Requirements for your use case (CSV or JSON from your discovery and monitoring software or directly from your public provider):

  • Compute/CPU
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Network charges (devices and ingress / egress)
  • OS / Middleware
  • Billing (If you’re not sure, your itemized bill is a great way to track specific components for pricing and utilization)
  • Discounts (your unique discounts with your cloud provider(s) so those can be applied)
  • What’s the best way to support your remote workforce – VDI onprem, VDI in the cloud or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) options?
  • 3-5 defined business applications like HR, accounting, and time clocks: you are either interested in moving them to the public cloud or need to optimize them in their current location.
  • Database as a Service (DBaas): is your use of DBaaS the best for your organization?
  • The IaaS or PaaS debate: which is better for a particular workload?
  • Model new deployments or new alternatives to existing apps to accurately predict TCO and ROI

Simply register your business here and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

Email if you have any further questions.

CloudGenera and Intel Value

We are able to make this offer thanks to our partnership with Intel. Over the years we have worked together in several ways to offer insight and value in the market. Together, we have authored a whitepaper, hosted on theCube during AWS re:Invent 2019, and joined for Intel’s Chip Chat. We are both committed on helping our current and future customers through the acceleration of their digital transformation.

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