Microsoft Azure now lets you set up your own private servers and Google Adds Tools to Attract More Corporate Customers. Here is your weekly quick read for the least you should know about Cloud and Tech.

Security & Breach

  • Salesforce sandbox data anonymization app aids GDPR compliance (Link)
  • Google Researcher: The iPhone Is Not Exactly a Paragon of Security (Link)
  • McAfee Is Acquiring NanoSec to Build Out Its Container-Focused Cloud Security Services (Link)

Microsoft Azure
  • Azure to improve security with enhanced access control experience (Link)
  • Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Link)
  • Microsoft Slaps Tax on Taking Its On-Prem Licenses to AWS, GCP (Link)
  • Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge is now Generally Available (Link)
  • Microsoft Azure now lets you set up your own private servers (Link)



  • Google Cloud and AWS execs slam Microsoft over changes to cloud licensing (Link)
  • Google Adds Tools to Attract More Corporate Customers (Link)
  • Google Embraces AMD Epyc Rome CPU for Cloud, Internal Workloads (Link)
  • Google’s Cloud IAP Now Generally Available for Cloud VM Clients (Link)
  • Google extends zero-trust security model with context-aware access for virtual machines (Link)



  • Amazon announces general availability of AWS Lake Formation (Link)
  • Phishing Attacks Enlist Amazon AWS (Link)
  • Amazon EC2 Fleet Now Lets You Set A Maximum Price For A Fleet Of Instance (Link)
  • Amazon mulls Baltic state AWS expansion (Link)

  • IBM Stock Stronger as Red Hat Adds Fuel for Trillion-Dollar Opportunity (Link)
  • Mesosphere’s Kubernetes pivot sets stage for IT vendor attritio (Link)
  • IBM Leveraging Red Hat For Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy (Link)
  • IBM researchers show how “warshipping” turns physical mail into a hacking vector (Link)

  • Hybrid cloud round table: Openstack, IBM, Rubrik, Scality, Capgemini (Link)
  • Microsoft removes Office 2019 from its Home Use Program benefits (Link)
  • VMware HCX update suits enterprise customers (Link)


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