Dell and VMware Collaborate with Microsoft and AWS Opens Managed Blockchain to the Public. Here is your weekly quick read for the least you should know about Cloud and Tech.

  • Microsoft Snyks in New Security for Open Source on Azure Cloud (Link)
  • Docker responds to Data Breach (Link)
  • 13M Users exposed on Ladders (Link)
  • Palo Alto Networks is using AI to Help Fight Cyberattacks (Link)
  • Security Researchers have Discovered Unprotected Database that Exposed Personal Information of 80 million U.S. Households (Link)
Microsoft Azure
  • Dell and VMware Collaborate with Microsoft (Link)
  • Microsoft Brings Exclusive Features to Windows Admin Center (Link)
  • Azure Monitor Now Displays Azure Active Directory Activity Logs Info (Link)
  • New Azure Regions while one is taken away (Link)
  • Microsoft Buys Express Logic RTOS (Link)
  • Long List of Updates in SQL Server 2018 Now Available (Link)
  • Atos Lauded for its Global Contribution Google Cloud’s Growth (Link)
  • Google Spent $1.2 Million last year to Protect CEO (Link)
  • Nvidia T4 GPUs go Global (Link)
  • Cloud Run Solves some common Serverless Pain Points (Link)
  • Vapor IO Provides Direct, High-Speed Connections to AWS (Link)
  • S3 Batch to Process Millions of S3 Objects (Link)
  • Stronger Safety needed for S3 Storage (Link)
  • New EPYC-powered T3a Instances (Link)
  • AWS Opens Managed Blockchain to the Public (Link)
  • Direct-To-Cloud Storage (Link)
  • New AI and Data Combination (Link)
  • IBM has given its customer base some significant security upgrades with the new releases of IBM i (Link)
  • 24th Year in a row IBM has Raised its Dividend (Link)
  • IBM has announced Multi-Zone availability Region (MZR) now live in Sydney (Link)
  • AWS still Ahead, but Google is Growing (Link)
  • Oracle May Face Challenges Migrating Customers to Cloud (Link)

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