Hackers just stole $40 Million in Bitcoin and The first major release for OpenShift in four years was announced by Red Hat. Here is your weekly quick read for the least you should know about Cloud and Tech.

  • Increase in IoT related data breaches (Link)
  • Hackers just stole $40 Million in Bitcoin (Link)
  • Grabbed Keys and Tokens in Docker breach (Link)
  • Slack warns Investors it might be targeted by organized crime (Link)
Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Stack Benefit (Link)
  • Updates for IoT, databases and more (Link)
  • GitHub cozies up to Azure Active Directory (Link)
  • Expanded capabilities to help developers build more intelligent apps  (Link)
  • Election security service, SDK (Link)
  • Google is leaning into security just in time (Link)
  • Pods with 1,000 Cloud TPUs to the Public (Link)
  • Google Cloud Announces Zync Render Update (Link)
  • New EC2 i3en Instances Boost more power and storage (Link)
  • Amazon to Disable S3 Path-Style Access (Link)
  • IBM is selling $20 billion in Bonds to finance its purchase of Red Hat (Link)
  • IBM is to resell Panzura’s Freedom Cloud NAS together with IBM Cloud Object Storage, as a subscription license (Link)
  • Hyperledger “Isn’t a real Blockchain” (Link)
  • 5 new Microsoft 365 features that will change how you work (Link)
  • The first major release for OpenShift in four years was announced by Red Hat (Link)

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