Major AWS Outage Brings Down Discord, Reddit, Amazon, and More and Google Cloud launches Deep Learning Containers in beta. Here is your weekly quick read for the least you should know about Cloud and Tech.

Security & Breach
  • Cloud security exacerbated by immature security practices (Link)
  • Nine States pass new and expanded data breach notification laws (Link)
  • “Massive scale” intrusion into mobile carriers’ networks exposed customers’ location, call data for years (Link)
  • The security challenges of managing complex cloud environments (Link)

Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft announces general availability for Azure Files premium tier (Link)
  • Benefits of Microsoft’s New Versions of Azure Application Gateway and the Web Application Firewall (Link)
  • Evaluate the Azure serverless tools to ease deployment anxiety (Link)
  • Azure Backup for SQL Server 2008 Released to Preview (Link)
  • Snowflake Is Now Available on Microsoft Azure Government (Link)



  • Google Cloud launches Deep Learning Containers in beta (Link)
  • Google Outage Highlights Gaps in Centralized Internet (Link)
  • MongoDB Atlas is now available as the first managed service in Google Cloud Platform (Link)
  • Google unveils Workload Identity to spur secure Cloud service usage in GKE apps (Link)



  • Major AWS Outage Brings Down Discord, Reddit, Amazon And More (Link)
  • Government Signs AWS Procurement Deal (Link)
  • AWS launches multi-tenant management tool (Link)
  • AWS rolls out AWS Control Towers for users juggling multi-account environments (Link)
  • AWS brings native network traffic mirroring to EC2 instances (Link)
  • Amazon’s AWS Ground Station Service Is Now Available (Link)



  • IBM Cloud adds Bitbar to its Enterprise Offering (Link)
  • Skytap Announces General Availability of IBM i in the Public Cloud, Leads Ecosystem to New Opportunities (Link)
  • This IBM Code Pattern makes it easy to create your own object recognition AI (Link)
  • IBM Solutions Help Organizations to Navigate the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment (Link)



  • Oracle Jumps Ahead of #6 IBM in Cloud Wars Top 10 Rankings (Link)
  • Cloudscene Launches Enterprise Tool to Find Cloud Connectivity Routes Worldwide (Link)


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