Instagram user information exposed on misconfigured AWS instance and Google is working on AI Algorithm that detects Lung Cancer. Here is your weekly quick read for the least you should know about Cloud and Tech.

Security & Hack
  • Google is Facing its first GDPR probe from Irish Privacy (Link)
  • Instagram user information exposed on misconfigured AWS instance (Link)
  • G Suite Passwords stored in unhashed form for 14 years (Link)
  • IT Services giant HCL left employee passwords exposed online (Link)
  • Stack Overflow Data Breach exposed User Records to Hackers (Link)
Microsoft Azure
  • Citrix Launches DaaS tool with Azure (Link)
  • Windows Server containers loaded up on the Azure Kubernetes Service (Link)
  • Microsoft’s Azure Portal: A boat load of updates, but is it too ambitious? (Link)
  • Informatica and Google Cloud expand strategic Partnership (Link)
  • ServiceNow and Google announce new Integrations (Link)
  • Etsy aims to complete the migration in 2020 and is reaping benefits (Link)
  • Google working on AI Algorithm that detects Lung Cancer (Link)
  • Google brings Release Channels and Windows Container support to its Kubernetes Engine (Link)
  • AWS Config moves to New Pay Model (Link)
  • Storage Gateway Performance depends on Resource Placement (Link)
  • AWS is beloved in US public sector, but does Europe feel the same? (Link)
  • IBM AI and Cloud Technology helps Agriculture Industry (Link)
  • $275M DOD semiconductor Security Contract Awarded (Link)
  • Z Mainframe Reinvent – Again (Link)
  • A Peek Of The Future At POWERUp 2019 (Link)
  • 7 must-have features for Multi-Cloud Storage (Link)
  • CTO of CloudGenera Presents: CloudComputing 101 (Link)
  • How GitLab managed to Migrate Azure to Google Cloud (Link)
  • Facebook, Google and Twitter to Testify on Election Security (Link)
  • Container Technology Market to Witness Remarkable Growth by 2025 (Link)

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