Webinars and Sessions

Technology Spending Models

11.30.2018: Are you confident that your organization is making informed technology spending decisions? Is your company on track to save money and/or maximize its technology spend?

SIG Talk

09.20.2018: Many decision makers will say they need more information. The reality is that most leaders are actually drowning in information. What they really need is to move from information to clarity to insight. Attend our talk on building a hybrid it blueprint to see how CloudGenera can quickly take large amounts of data about your applications and provide data-driven analysis on best execution venue.

07.26.2018: Data is growing but where is it going? Does where I store my data matter? What should I store in the private cloud vs. the public cloud? Is all public storage created equal?
Building a Hybrid IT BluePrint

06.21.2018: There are many clouds and thousands of services you can choose to run your applications. How do you figure out the best way to run your applications quickly? We call that process building a hybrid IT Blueprint. CloudGenera has created a process that lets you assess hundreds of applications very quickly. Make good decisions that are automated, data-driven and fact-based.

Is it time to shift your Database strategy from IaaS to DBaaS?
05.17.2018: Use CloudGenera’s data to give you insight on the best venue and service model to run your relational databases. We’ll focus on MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server across AWS, Azure and Google.
Understanding how VMC on AWS complements your cloud strategy

04.20.2018: The VMware cloud on AWS may be a valid part of your cloud strategy. This Webinar will talk through pros and cons of that service.

Navigating Reserved Instances in Public Cloud Providers

03.15.2018: Several major public providers now have reserved pricing. Which reserved services are worth the investment for your business. How much of a discount do reserved services typically offer?

Intelligent Workload Placement & Optimization
12.15.2017: Users have to ability to quickly review, substantive venue analysis for workload placement, with the ability to run “what if scenarios” as well for PVC-Hosted Environments and or Public Cloud as alternative Venues. You are guaranteed to learn something about Cloud and Workload placement that you can apply to your business immediately.
CloudGenera’s best-of-breed cloud solutions

03.09.2017: View Arrow’s exclusive on-demand webinar to learn more about CloudGenera’s latest product updates and how those products integrate with HPE, Oracle and Microsoft to provide your customers with best-of-breed cloud solutions.

The Complicated World of Cloud Value

08.18.2015: The index shows a complicated and ever changing market where value, performance and even just price are difficult to measure. Being aware of the differences between options is the first step to gaining best value, using tools to compare them can ensure ongoing suitability.